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 Shenzhen Malide Technology Co.,Ltd. was first established in 2002. With efficient semi-automatic production lines, a complete R&D team and an experienced management team, the company is dedicated to developing, producing and selling high-quality products (including TPMS, voice broadcaster, multi-functional car phone holders, etc.). The company has about 180 employees, including more than 40 technicians, providing customers with professional and comprehensive technical solutions.
        The company is firmly based on scientific and technological innovation, concentrating on product technology research and development, focusing on product quality and integrity service, bringing together a group of outstanding talents in the field of professional technology, forming a high-quality scientific research team with young and middle-aged scientific and technological elites as the backbone, and accumulating rich experience in product design and profound theoretical knowledge in the continuous practice of product development.

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Malide Committed to serving China's automotive aftermarket!

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Always insist on fulfilling the responsibility

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Innovation, continuous development and enterprising


Share the fun of work and life

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Let more people benefit from the development of automobile technology

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Worldwide, mainly in China, Europe and the United States

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